European Commission sees need for a stronger more consumer-friendly Single Market for Online Music, Films and Games in Europe

[news release] The European Commission has decided today to give a new boost to Europe’s online content sector. EU citizens should be able to enjoy easier and faster access to a rich variety of music, TV programmes, films or games via the Internet, mobile phones or other devices. The Commission therefore encourages the content industry, telecoms companies and Internet service providers to work closely together to make available more content online, while at the same time ensuring a robust protection of intellectual property rights. The Commission also wants to facilitate copyright licences for online content covering the territory of several or all of the EU Member States. According to Commission studies, a truly Single Market without borders for Creative Online Content could strengthen considerably the competitiveness of Europe’s music, film and games industry and allow retail revenues of the sector to quadruple by 2010 if clear and consumer-friendly measures are taken by industry and public authorities. plans online content overhaul [AFP]
The European Commission will draw up plans to boost the online market for music, films and games while promising to uphold intellectual property rights.The EC said content providers, telecom companies and internet service providers should work together to make more online content available, while ensuring the robust protection of intellectual property rights.,25197,23005754-26077,00.html

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