Europe takes on Microsoft again after rivals’ attacks

The European Commission said yesterday that there would be two further investigations into Microsoft’s commercial practices, only weeks after the American software giant had conceded defeat in a battle with regulators in Brussels.Neelie Kroes, the Competition Commissioner, decided to act after being told that Microsoft had tied Internet Explorer, its web browser, to its Windows operating system and that it was making it difficult for competitors to work with Windows. launches new Microsoft probes
The European Commission is launching two new anti-competition investigations against US computer giant Microsoft. The first will look at whether Microsoft unfairly ties its Explorer internet browser to its Windows operating system. launches two new antitrust probes against Microsoft
The European Union’s antitrust agency announced today that it has opened two new investigations into illegal business practices by Microsoft Corp., one of which was at least partly the result of a complaint filed in 2007 by Norwegian browser maker Opera Software ASA.Office is the primary focus of the second investigation, according to Jonathan Todd, the spokesman for the EU’s competition commission.”The European Commission has decided to initiate two formal antitrust investigations against Microsoft Corp., one concerning the tying in of software products with its software [operating] system, and the other being the availability of interoperability information,” Todd said in Brussels today. faces two new European antitrust cases [IDG]
New antitrust investigations concern the interoperability of Windows with other software and Microsoft’s tactic of bundling software products with WindowsThe European Commission has opened two new antitrust investigations of Microsoft’s activities.The first case is in response to a complaint from the European Committee for Interoperable Systems, a Brussels-based trade group of which Opera Software is a member, and concerns the interoperability of Windows with other software, the Commission said Monday.The second investigation is looking into Microsoft’s tactic of bundling software products with its Windows operating system. This follows a complaint to the Commission by Opera, a Norwegian browser developer. regulator and Microsoft face off anew
After the briefest of truces, Europe’s antitrust regulator resumed its battle with Microsoft on Monday, opening two new investigations into claims that the largest software maker had abused its dominant position to squeeze competitors out of the market.The resumption of hostilities follows a rapprochement in October, when Microsoft agreed to comply with a 2004 decision against it made by the European Commission and endorsed last year by the second-highest court in Europe. Renews Pressure on Microsoft With Word, IE Probe
Just months after it decided to stop its legal battles against a landmark European Union antitrust finding, Microsoft now finds itself facing two new inquiries into claims that it abused its market dominance in Europe. launches new Microsoft antitrust probe
The European Commission opened its first new anti-trust campaign against Microsoft since the late 1990s, in the process challenging parts of the company’s core technology strategy

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