Europe’s sweeping rules for tech giants are about to kick in. Here’s how they work

Google, Facebook, TikTok and other Big Tech companies operating in Europe are facing one of the most far-reaching efforts to clean up what people encounter online.

The first phase of the European Union’s groundbreaking new digital rules will take effect this week. The Digital Services Act is part of a suite of tech-focused regulations crafted by the 27-nation bloc — long a global leader in cracking down on tech giants.

The DSA, which the biggest platforms must start following Friday, is designed to keep users safe online and stop the spread of harmful content that’s either illegal or violates a platform’s terms of service, such as promotion of genocide or anorexia. It also looks to protect Europeans’ fundamental rights like privacy and free speech.

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EU’s Breton urges Big Tech to use new online content rules to restore trust
Alphabet’s Google, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Twitter, TikTok and other tech giants should use EU online content rules that apply to them this Friday to restore trust and safety in their platforms, EU industry chief Thierry Breton said on Wednesday.

The rules known as the Digital Services Act (DSA) require the companies to perform risk management, conduct external and independent auditing, share data with authorities and researchers and adopt a code of conduct.

Obligations for the companies, which also include, Pinterest, Snap Inc’s Snapchat, Wikipedia, Zalando and Alibaba’s AliExpress are more onerous than others because they have more than 45 million users.

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