Europe rejects plan to criminalise file-sharing

[IDG] In a close vote, the European Parliament rejected attempts to criminalise the sharing of files by private individuals and to ban copyright abusers from the InternetThe European Parliament rejected attempts to criminalize the sharing of files by private individuals and threw out the idea of banning copyright abusers from the Internet, in a plenary vote Thursday.The vote was close, with 314 MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) voting in favor of an amendment to scrap what many consider draconian and disproportionate measures to protect copyright over the internet, and 297 voting against the amendment.;1466645745;fp;2;fpid;1Europe rejects anti-piracy plans
European politicians have voted down calls to throw suspected file-sharers off the net.The idea to cut off persistent pirates formed part of a wide-ranging report on creative industries written for the European parliament.But in a narrow vote MEPs backed an amendment to the report which said nets bans conflicted with “civil liberties and human rights”.It puts MEPS at odds with governments planning tough action against pirates.

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