Europe Backs Google Bid to Acquire DoubleClick

European regulators on Tuesday approved Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, a significant player in the $37 billion online advertising business, brushing aside complaints that the combination would allow Google to extend its Internet dominance.Shortly after, Google announced that it had closed the $3.1 billion acquisition and said the integration of the two companies may result in some job cuts. cleared for DoubleClick takeover
The European Commission has cleared Google’s $3.1bn (£1.5bn) takeover of online advertising network DoubleClick.After a four-month investigation, the EC concluded that the merged business would not be able “to engage in strategies aimed at marginalising Google’s competitors”.Software giant Microsoft has repeatedly argued that the merger, which brings together Google’s search advertising power with DoubleClick’s online display ad operation, would give the search engine company control of 80% of the internet ad market. Is Cleared to Purchase Ad Firm
European regulators approve Google’s proposed $3.1 billion acquisition of Web-advertising giant DoubleClick, a cyber-marriage that would combine their abilities to track individuals’ private lives and interests online.

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