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EURid set to launch first of its kind domain name abuse prevention tool

EURid logo[news release] On 20 September 2017, the University of Leuven and EURid presented a landmark paper on combatting abuses in domain name registration at the RAID conference (Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses). The paper, which went through an in-depth peer review, lays out the innovative methods supported by EURid’s strategy to create a trustworthy and secure online environment, one of which refers to domain name abuse prevention.

EURid has developed a methodology based around evaluating patterns pertaining to domain name registrations in order to predict, prior to activation, whether they will be used in an abusive manner. The methodology is based on sophisticated machine learning techniques, which, so far, have the ability to capture 80.04% of the abuse cases reported with a low level of false positives (0.92% during the research phase). The methodology turned software will roll out in October 2017 and will undergo testing for a timeframe of six months, during which suspicious domain name registrations will be flagged for further investigation. The next phase of the project is to prevent such domain names from being activated in the first place.

This software represents a big step in an already long list of measures that EURid has, and will be enforcing to ensure a secure and trustworthy online environment for its users. In fact, in addition to the standard monitoring and verification actions taken on new registrations, EURid offers a variety of tools for end-users to do the same, such as lookalike services and the trademark matching tool, which will also be launched shortly.

EURid is very excited about how the domain name abuse prevention software can further strengthen its commitment towards a truly trustworthy and secure domain name space.

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