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EURid Suspends Almost 26,000 Domains With Ties To Identity Fraud

EURid logoEURid, the .eu and .ею registry, suspended 25,756 domain names with ties to identity fraud on 29 January. It was more than 5,600 above the 2017 figure of 20,126, of which 2,872 related to EURid’s ongoing collaboration with law enforcement.

The crackdown on domain names is part of EURid’s focus on the safety of online consumers. The suspensions are part of the registry’s close collaborative efforts with law enforcement, both on a national and European level, as well as with their registrar channel. The goal is to work towards building the most trustworthy online domain registry, taking a stand against abusive registrations and illegal activity online.

“With our thorough internal verification procedure, we continuously monitor .eu domain names for potential abuse, leading to thousands of suspensions on an annual basis” said Geo Van Langenhove, EURid Legal Manager.