EURid Reminds Of Final Date For Cyrillic .EU Domains

EURid is reminding registrants of .eu domain names that have Cyrillic character domain names will be deleted on 31 May following a 3 year phase out period that was announced in May 2016. Cyrillic characters will remain able to be registered in the Cyrillic .eu, .ею.

EURid recommends that for any remaining .eu registrants with Cyrillic characters, “in order to avoid an interruption in your web presence as of 1 June 2019, we recommend you use your Cyrillic domain name(s) with the Cyrillic .ею extension. If you are already doing so, no action is required of you.”

The phasing-out of Cyrillic domain names in the Latin .eu is being done to follow the ‘no script mixing’ best practice for Internationalised Domain Names. The objective of the ‘no script mixing’ best practice is to avoid confusion about domain names that look similar. More information is available in EURid’s .ею guidelines.

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