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EURid Publish 2017 Disputes in Numbers

EURid logoSince June 2017 when EURid commenced its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) partnership with WIPO for their .eu and .ею there have been 13 ADR disputes involving 14 domain names.

Of the 13 ADR disputes lodged with WIPO, 6 have resulted in domain name revocation or transfer, 2 were terminated by the complainant and 5 are still pending review. The most notable case processed thus far concerned the revocation of Instragram typosquatter (using an “l” instead of an “i”) ‘’.

For those who believe they may want to dispute a .eu or .ею domain name registration and believe that they have a prior right (within the EU or EEA) to the domain name (e.g. hold a trademark, trade name, company name, family name, etc) and the current holder has registered or uses the domain name for speculative or abusive purposes, registration can be challenged by initiating an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure. ADR rules apply.