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EURid Phasing Out Cyrillic .EU Domains in 2019

EURid logoAnyone with a .eu domain with Cyrillic characters had better start planning on their alternatives, because as of 1 June 2019 they will be deleted following a 3 -year phase out period that ends on 31 May.

EURid, the .eu registry, is advising such registrants not to renew their domain names as even if the registration period is extended, it will be deleted on 1 June 2019. From 1 June 2019, only Cyrillic domain names with the Cyrillic .ею extension will remain registered.

In order to avoid an interruption, EURid is recommending using Cyrillic domain name(s) with the Cyrillic .ею extension. These will continue uninterrupted and will not be phased out.

The phase-out of Cyrillic domain names with the Latin .eu extension is being done to follow the ‘no script mixing’ best practice for Internationalised Domain Names. The objective of the ‘no script mixing’ best practice is to avoid confusion about domain names that look similar. More information on this best practice is available in EURid’s .ею guidelines here.