EURid and the Global Cyber Alliance join forces To Make The Internet More Secure

EURid has joined forces with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), signing a partnership agreement to contribute to a safer and more trustworthy internet.

The agreement announced Monday will see the .eu, .ею and .ευ top-level domain registry work with the GCA, a nonprofit that builds programs, partnerships and tools, to make the connected world more secure.

The agreement will be focused on the Domain Trust project, which is building an intelligence platform that will provide registries, registrars, and cyber protection agencies with high quality, large-scale sets of data on suspected malicious and criminal domains being used in phishing attempts, malware distribution, and command and control activities.

The proposal, the two organisations believe, aligns perfectly with both organisations’ commitment to an Internet of trust.

“We are proud to forge an alliance with an organisation that, like us, is eager to fight cybercrime. We are looking forward to working together on our mutual goal to improve the security of our cyber ecosystem,” Geo Van Langenhove, EURid’s Legal Manager, commented.

“We are so pleased and proud to have EURid working with us on Domain Trust. As more people move online, it becomes even more important that the pan-European top-level domain works to create a safer internet for Europeans and their domestic and global customers. We look forward to developing the relationship with EURid, not only on Domain Trust but also working to defend against cybercriminals in exciting and interesting future ways,” said Andy Bates, GCA’s Executive Director for the United Kingdom, Middle East, and India and head of the Domain Trust project.

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