EURid Examines Domain Name Market With Insights Publications

EURid, the registry for .EU domain names, have launched two new reports based on surveys, studies and research developed by EURid in cooperation with industry experts and sector leaders. The reports are:
Volume 1: How Top Level Domain Customer Service and Brand Influence Customer Buying Behaviour
Volume 2: What’s in a domain name extension?The reports aim to give those not familiar with the domain name industry an insight to the benefits of a domain name to their business and explaining what is required to become a domain name registrant.The reports also hope to dispel some of the myths potential registrants may have such as what is pay per click advertising, how does domain monetisation impact registrants and how are domain names used.For example, in the report What’s in a domain name extension?, EURid found in part that:
“Based on a sample of more than 41 000 sites, we found that around 27% of the websites of the investigated TLDs are business sites, followed by 24% of pay-per-click sites. Holding pages and domain names with no related website (or with a badly configured site) each represent around 20%. In depth statistical analysis shows that a significant difference exists between the most important categories.”In the report How Top Level Domain Customer Service and Brand Influence Customer Buying Behaviour:
“EURid commissioned a comparative brand analysis of TLDs through 10 countries, with 400 participants in each country. The study took place from December 2009-January 2010, and built upon a similar study in 2008.”The study highlighted three key attributes which drive buying behaviour amongst consumers/end-users, these being:
Awareness (ie have they heard of the TLD);
Relevance (ie which TLDs were relevant for companies in general to use); and
Preference (ie which domain name would they, as individuals, prefer a company
to use).For more information and to download the reports, see: