EURid compensates for its 2015 CO2 emissions through the Dak Rung Hydropower Project

EURid logo[news release] To compensate for its 2015 CO2 emissions, EURid is supporting the Dak Rung Hydropower Project in Vietnam.

This renewable energy project is based around the construction of an 8MW hydro plant on the Dak Rung stream in order to generate renewable electricity for both the local population and Vietnam’s electrical grid, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region and support the development of the local community. The project itself was sourced locally in an effort to support the local labour force and has received validation by the Verified Carbon Standard.

Of the 31,810 MWh of renewable energy the plant is expected to generate, 31, 492 MWh will be supplied to the grid while the remaining portion will go to the local community. In addition to this, the plant is foreseen to reduce CO2 emissions by 17,257tCO2 annually.

Other benefits of the project include the construction of a new 3km road, three community homes and contributions to the local poverty reduction program.

EURid compensates for 2015 CO2 emissions Dak Rung Hydropower Project

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