EU watchdog to give detail on Apple and Fiat tax investigations

European Union regulators will provide more details on Tuesday of their reasons for launching in-depth inquiries into tax arrangements reached by Ireland with Apple and by Luxembourg with a Fiat subsidiary.The European Commission has launched a similar investigation into the Dutch government’s tax treatment of Starbucks, but details of that will be published later, Antoine Colombani, spokesman for European Union Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, told reporters. see:Ireland defends tax dealings with Apple
The Irish government has defended its tax arrangements with Apple as Brussels prepares to accuse Ireland of providing illegal state aid to the iPhone maker in a clampdown on tax avoidance schemes employed by multinationals.The European commission, which enforces EU law, will on Tuesday issue preliminary findings from an investigation into Apple’s tax affairs in Ireland. It is expected to accuse the US firm of obtaining billions of euros in illegal state aid from successive Irish governments by cutting “sweetheart” tax deals. The EU executive is also looking into the tax arrangements of Starbucks in the Netherlands and those of Fiat’s financial arm in Luxembourg.

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