EU vookie law set to come into force

Thousands of UK websites are expected to be in breach of a law that dictates what they can log about visitors.European laws that define what details sites can record in text files called cookies come into force on 26 May.Cookies are widely used to customise what repeat visitors see on a site and by advertisers to track users online.The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said it would offer help to non-compliant sites rather than take legal action against them.To continue reading this BBC News report, go to: see:EU internet ‘cookies’ rules cause confusion
Developments in web browsing technology have in recent years largely consigned the irritating pop-up advertisement to internet history. But European rules aimed at protecting the UK’s internet users from intrusive advertising have in the last week led to a new crop of pop-ups appearing on websites based in the UK.This weekend saw the long-heralded implementation of new regulations in the UK around “cookies”, digital morsels of data that can track surfing behaviour across the web, and an accompanying last-minute rush from several popular websites to comply, with many using small pop-up messages on their homepages.

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