EU threatens WTO action over U.S. ban on Internet gambling

[Bloomberg] The European Union threatened Monday to lodge a complaint at the World Trade Organization over U.S. laws that bar gambling Web sites, saying the rules might break global rules by discriminating against companies based in the European bloc.The U.S. authorities have taken aim at European companies for operating gambling sites, the European Commission said, announcing an investigation into the U.S. practice. The United States has not taken action against American companies that offer similar services, the commission said. probes U.S. online gambling crackdown [Reuters]
Commission looking into complaints from foreign companies that believe they are being singled out by the U.S. Justice Department.The European Union launched an investigation Monday into whether U.S. prosecutions of foreign online gambling companies are discriminatory, possibly paving the way for action at the World Trade Organization.European online gambling companies, such as PartyGaming and BWIN Interactive Entertainment, complained in December that the U.S. Department of Justice singled out foreign online gambling companies.”The U.S. has the right to address legitimate public policy concerns relating to Internet gambling, but discrimination against EU companies cannot be part of the policy mix,” EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said in a statement. Probes U.S. Online Gaming Enforcement [IDG]
The European Commission has agreed to look into a complaint filed with it last year by a London gambling trade group that claims the U.S. is unfairly discriminating against European online gambling companies.,143295/article.html

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