EU Report Reveals Minimal Progress on European Superfast Broadband Targets

The European Commission has published its first report into the progress of their Digital Agenda, which among other things seeks to bring “basic broadband” to all Europeans by 2013 and to ensure that, by 2020, everybody has access to an internet service speed of 30Mbps or faster (with 50% or more using a 100Mbps product). Sadly efforts to deploy the new generation of superfast services have so far proven to be “disappointing”.Progress has been good in most areas, with “basic broadband” in particular becoming increasingly available even in remote locations. Likewise 65% of the EU population now make regular use of the internet, which is up from 60% last year and just 10% off the target of 75% by 2015. However, 40% of households still have no broadband connection.To read this Broadband Europe report in full, see:

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