.eu registry Eurid: being different at any price?

.eu registry Eurid: being different at any price?
Pieced-together e-mails and too little automation in general were complaints voiced by a number of registrars at a meeting sponsored by Eurid, the .eu registry, that accompanied the 28th Public Meeting in Lisbon of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The transfer of .eu domains was thereby made more difficult, especially for major registrars with a high degree of automation, it was said. “I have no problems with e-mails,” Christian Müller, the head of technology at Stratos, said. “We can parse them. But it would be nice if they all looked the same. We have received typed e-mails from you guys which did not even contain the domain name,” he said with a glance at the representatives of the .eu registry.

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