EU privacy regulators take aim at Google privacy policy

European data watchdogs said on Monday they plan to take action against Google by this summer for its privacy policy, which allows the search engine to pool user data from across all its services ranging from YouTube to Gmail.The move is the latest in a skirmish between the web giant and Europe’s data protection regulators who view the privacy rules put in place in March by Google as “high risk,” although have stopped short of declaring them illegal. ‘may take action’ against Google over privacy policy
EU watchdogs plan to take action against Google by this summer over the web giant’s current privacy policy, French privacy regulator CNIL has said.Since March, Google has been combining data from across its sites to potentially better target adverts – which regulators see as “high risk” to people’s privacy.Last October, the firm was given four months to revise its policy.Google said its actions did comply with EU law. regulators prepare to take Google to task over data-sharing
When Google instituted a new privacy policy early last year, European regulators warned that it was likely illegal under European law. In October, the regulators fired a shot across Google’s bow, telling the search giant that it needed to address their concerns or face legal action in 2013.Now European privacy regulators are preparing to act, according to Reuters. The regulators’ next step — setting up a new working group to coordinate the responses of privacy regulators in the EU’s 27 member countries — isn’t likely to strike fear in Larry Page’s heart. But the regulators say they expect to take coordinated enforcement action against Google by this summer. privacy regulators promise action on Google privacy policy changes [IDG]
European privacy authorities have threatened action before the Summer to curb Google’s collection, combination and storage of its users’ personal information, after growing impatient with the company’s failure to respond to their criticisms of its revised privacy policy.An action plan was drawn up last month, and will be submitted for approval next week at a formal meeting of the Article 29 Working Party (A29WP), which brings together data protection authorities from across the European Union. Regulators Weigh New Google Crackdown
Privacy regulators from France and other European Union countries have proposed a coordinated crackdown before summer on Google Inc.’s privacy practices, escalating European efforts to reshape how global companies treat user data.France’s privacy watchdog said Monday it and an unspecified number of other European regulators want to coordinate a “repressive action” against Google, after the company had failed to give “precise and effective” answers to a warning that all 27 EU national regulators issued in October. The full group of privacy regulators, known as the Article 29 group, is scheduled to vote on the proposal at the end of February.

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