Europe Lists gTLD Applications Of Concern Plus Disappointment In Developing Country Applications

The European Commission has expressed concerns outside the Governmental Advisory Committee process about a number of new generic Top Level Domain applications.In a letter to ICANN [pdf], the Commission say they have “identified a number of new gTLD applications which could possibly raise issues of compatibility with the existing legislation (the acquis) and/or with policy positions and objectives of the European Union.”The Commission also expressed disappointment in that there were “so few applications for new gTLDs coming from developing countries” and that “this is clearly an area where ICANN needs to re-focus its efforts.”According to Domain Incite, the Commission’s list includes 58 gTLDs including .sex,, .green, .eco, health, .doctor, .baby, sale and .security.The letter goes on to say that “notwithstanding this interim conclusion, at this point in time the Commission is of the opinion that issuing Early Warnings is not warranted.” But their “letter shall not be considered in any way or form as representing an ‘Early Warning’ to the applicants of the new gTLDs included in [their letter] or to any other new TLD applicant.”The Commission points out in their letter that the list is “non-exhaustive” and that “inclusion does not per se mean that the European Commission conclusively claims that such a new gTLD is in violation of the acquis or of policy positions and objectives of the EU.” But rather “the presence of a new gTLD in the list is rather a signal that further discussions with the relevant applicant are necessary.”