EU fines Microsoft record $1.4bn

The European Commission has fined US computer giant Microsoft for defying sanctions imposed on it for anti-competitive behaviour.Microsoft must now pay a record 899m euros ($1.4bn; £680.9m) after it failed to comply with a 2004 ruling that it abused its position.The ruling said that Microsoft was guilty of not providing key code to rival software makers.EU regulators said the firm was the first to break an EU anti-trust ruling. years of legal wrangling between Microsoft and EU
The milestones since the EU began investigating Microsoft’s business practices in 1988 ten: Biggest company fines by the EU
The biggest individual company fines under EU competition commissioner Neelie Kroes fined record $1.4bn by EU
The European Commission fined Microsoft a record €899 million (£673 million, $1.4 billion) today for defying sanctions imposed on the company for abusing its dominant position in the software market.The fine — the largest levied on any business — was imposed in addition to the €497 million penalty Microsoft was forced to pay in 2004 and the €280.5 million it paid in 2006, bringing the total the company has now been forced to pay the Commission to €1.68 billion ($2.5 billion). Fines Microsoft $1.3 Billion
European antitrust regulators on Wednesday fined Microsoft $1.3 billion for failing to comply with a 2004 judgment that the company had abused its market dominance. The new fine by the European Commission was the largest it has ever imposed on an individual company, and brings the total in fines imposed on Microsoft to about $2.5 billion, in current exchange rates.Microsoft had earlier been fined after the commission determined in 2004 that the company had abused the dominance of its Windows operating system to gain unfair market advantage. The commission imposed the new fine Wednesday, it said, because the company had not met the prescribed remedies after the earlier judgment.

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