.EU Domains Now Available in All EU Languages

Eurid logoÄrzte.eu was the first.EU internationalised domain name (IDN) registered when .EU IDNs became available on 10 December. During the first hour alone 38,172 IDNs were registered.

“The significant number of registered names during the first hour shows how important it is for people across Europe to be able to access and use the internet in their own languages” said EURid’s General Manager Marc Van Wesemael.

The availability of .EU IDNs meant that for the first time, residents of the European Union can register a .EU domain name that uses characters from the whole Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets; for example the Polish ł, the Spanish ñ, the Danish ø, the French é, the Bulgarian л and the Greek θ.

Below is a list of the first ten .EU IDNs registered and the countries from which most registrants came for the first hour.

First 10 IDNs registered
1. ärzte.eu
2. börse.eu
3. flüge.eu
4. bücher.eu
5. ferienhäuser.eu
6. reisebüro.eu
7. büro.eu
8. küche.eu
9. müller.eu
10. öl.eu

Which countries registered the most IDNs in the first hour?
1. Germany
2. Czech republic
3. France
4. Luxemburg
5. Poland
6. Belgium
7. Great Britain
8. Greece
9. Sweden

Europe Registry logoTo register your .EU domain name, check out Europe Registry here.