EU court says file sharers don’t have to be named

[Reuters] European Union countries can refuse to disclose names of file sharers on the internet in civil cases, the EU’s top court said in a blow to copyright holders trying to fight digital piracy. court strikes blow against music industry fishing [IDG]
In a blow against the music industry, the European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday that E.U. countries don’t have to require Internet service providers to reveal subscriber data for use in civil cases. Court Rules File-Sharers Must Remain Faceless
In a blow to the music industry’s worldwide campaign to crack down on copyright infringement, a European court has ruled that Internet service providers cannot turn over the identities of alleged file-sharers. Court: Downloaders Can Stay Private [AP]
Record labels and film studios cannot demand that telecommunications companies hand over the names and addresses of people who are suspected of sharing copyright-protected music and movies online, the EU’s top court ruled Tuesday.

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