EU court of justice overturns law that would enable ‘snoopers’ charter’

The European court of justice has declared the data retention directive illegal, torpedoing UK government schemes for the so-called “snooper’s charter” of wide-ranging collection of phone and internet data.In a judgment delivered on Tuesday, the ECJ, Europe’s highest court, declared that the directive is “invalid” because it “interferes in a particularly serious manner with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data.” see:European Court Rejects Data Retention Rules, Citing Privacy
A top court on Tuesday struck down a European Union law, adopted in response to deadly terrorist attacks, that required telecommunications companies to retain information about calls and emails for up to two years.The European Union passed the legislation in 2006 after bombings on the mass transit systems in London and Madrid, with the goal of aiding security forces in tracking those suspected of terrorism and other serious crimes. The retained data typically indicates the people who were involved in a communication, where they were and how often they communicated, but it does not reveal the content of the conversations or messages. of Justice rules that Data Retention Directive is invalid
The Court of Justice has ruled that the Data Retention Directive entailed a wide-ranging and particularly serious interference with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data, without that interference being limited to what is strictly necessary. data retention rules violate privacy rights and are invalid, EU court rules [IDG]
European Union laws requiring communications providers to retain metadata are invalid because they seriously interfere with fundamental privacy rights, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruled Tuesday.

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