EU competition officials probing Google-Yahoo deal

European Union antitrust watchdogs are looking into a planned deal between Internet giants Google Inc and Yahoo Inc to share some advertising revenue.”In mid-July, we decided to open a preliminary investigation on our own initiative into potential effects of the Google-Yahoo agreement on competition in the European Economic Area (EEA) market,” said Jonathan Todd, a spokesman for European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes. ad partnership faces EU review
Roadblocks are mounting on a vital route for Yahoo Inc.’s revival: the company’s advertising partnership with once-rival Google Inc.The European Union said Monday that it was reviewing the deal for antitrust implications there, adding to recent public criticism from major U.S. advertisers and a worldwide association of newspapers.,0,6239580.storyEuropean regulators investigate Google-Yahoo advertising deal
European regulators have confirmed that they are investigating the online advertising deal brokered between Google and Yahoo, following similar moves by the US department of justice.Under the terms of the deal, which was announced in June, Google will be able to sell advertising on its rival’s website in return for a share of the profits. That prospect has angered both rivals and customers of the two companies, who believe that the terms of the agreement could hand too much power over to the increasingly dominant Google.

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