EU accuses Microsoft of harming browser competition

The European Commission accused Microsoft Corp on Friday of stymieing competition by bundling its Internet Explorer Web browser with Windows systems, firing the latest salvo in an expensive, years-long battle with the software titan.The executive arm of the European Union reached the preliminary view that the company, which controls roughly three-quarters of the Web browser arena, had prevented rival browsers from competing and had infringed EU rules by abusing its dominant position. takes on Microsoft again
The European Commission has taken another shot at software giant Microsoft, by saying that the US technology company could be breaking the law by packaging its Internet Explorer web browser with Windows.In what it is calling a “preliminary” view on a complaint by one of Microsoft’s rivals, the Commission said it believes that the company “distorts competition on the merits between competing web browsers” by bundling IE with every copy of Windows. is accused by EU again
The European Commission has accused Microsoft of harming competition by bundling its Explorer web browser with its Windows operating system.The commission said it had reached the preliminary view that the US software giant had undermined consumer choice and infringed EU rules.Microsoft and the European Union have engaged in legal battles over competition issues for years.

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