Estonia: Cyber Superpower

This Baltic country is getting a reputation for being security savvy. Just ask the hackersDuring a November visit to the United States, Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip comapared his country’s success in combating a massive cyber attack earlier this year to Bruce Willis in the recent fourth Die Hard film.In the movie, the macho character almost single-handedly takes out a criminal organization that attacks the United States by hacking into its online security systems.Similarly, in April and May, Estonia’s information technology (IT) infrastructure was subjected to a massive barrage of spam, viruses, and “botnet attacks,” which rely on thousands of hijacked personal computers. The cyber-attack came just after a series of riots sparked by the relocation of a Soviet Red Army war memorial in Tallinn. Investigations showed that the attack originated in Russia and had a degree of coordination, possibly through hacker gangs. The Russian government has denied any involvement.

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