Esther Dyson Says New gTLDs Will Not Add To “Sum Of Human Happiness”

Esther Dyson, the founding chair of ICANN, has voiced her disapproval of new generic Top Level Domains, telling TechCrunch.TV she does not think new gTLDs will “add to the sum of human happiness.”Dyson opposes the new gTLDs for a number of reasons. She says we are not running out of domain names “but we are running out of space in people’s heads” and that while it is not a way for ICANN to make money, it is a “way for registries and registrars to make money.”Originally Dyson said that she thought it would be a good idea to have extra TLDs such as .FIN for financial services but now she says you do not need that, you just need a good brand name.In the interview Dyson says “there are huge trademark issues” and that “it is offensive. If I own a trademark now I have to go register it in 2800 different domains” and it will create lots of litigation.Dyson says that it will cost $185,000, but in reality it will cost a lot more to operate the registry behind the gTLD as well as the annual ICANN fee of $25,000.