Introduces Escrow Pay: Secure Online Payment of Domain Names has introduced a new streamlined checkout payment system for the buying and selling of domain names, as well as cars, boats, aeroplanes… anything of value, with one line of code added to a website.

The service is called Escrow Pay and has no minimum fee and prices as low as 0.89%. It’s being billed as the ideal solution for any website, mobile app, online store, classified site or marketplace that needs to take payments for any product or service of value. is ideal for transaction sizes from $100 to $10,000,000 or more.

Escrow Pay can be implemented with a single line of code and provides an integration of’s payment system for those customers that prefer a quick and easy solution over and above the powerful and fully featured API that was launched in December 2017. protects both the buyer and the seller by acting as a trusted thirty party holding the funds, allowing the goods to be shipped and inspected prior to funds being released. This means that valuable items can ship across state or country lines before the transaction completes, improving liquidity and access to global markets safely. Greater liquidity means sellers can access more buyers and buyers more sellers, resulting in better choice, pricing and transaction completion rates. For sellers, greatly increases trust & safety and reduces fraud and with no chargebacks, ever. is perfect for buying and selling cars, boats, airplanes, domain names, IP address blocks, websites, computer equipment, heavy machinery, jewelry, antiques, services, intellectual property and for import/export. The Aurora Space Station, the world’s first luxury space hotel launching in 2021 uses for taking deposits for the $10 million experience.

Escrow Pay integrations are straight forward. With a single call to the Escrow Pay API, a partner may create a transaction and retrieve a link to the Escrow Pay checkout flow, which the buyer then may use to complete their transaction in a few easy steps. On completing this, the buyer is returned to a page on the partner’s site. This means that an Escrow Pay button can be added to any type of page or application, including shopping cart checkout pages, classified listing pages, domain parking pages, and mobile apps. The Escrow Pay API may be used on its own or in conjunction with the fully featured Escrow Platform API.

Recent transactions secured by include the sale of 2 of the biggest premium domain names – by famed cryptographer Matt Blaze and to the Intercontinental Exchange, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange. is also the payment system powering a wide variety of e-Commerce businesses including Shopify Exchange, Shopify’s marketplace to buy and sell businesses built on the Shopify platform, and Wingform, a marketplace for airplanes.