Eric Schmidt: The Great Firewall of China will fall

Technology and information penetration in China will eventually force the Great Firewall of China to crumble and even lead to the political opening of the Chinese system, according to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.Schmidt, who stepped down as Google’s CEO last year, remains the head of Google’s board and its chief spokesman. He roams the planet speaking to audiences and exploring countries where Google could expand its operations. He has been called Google’s “Ambassador to the World,” a moniker he doesn’t promote but doesn’t dispute. He sat down for a long interview with The Cable on the sidelines of the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival last week.To continue reading this report in The Cable on the Foreign Policy website, go to: see:Google’s Schmidt says China censorship will fail
After carefully working with China for the past two years, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt bluntly predicted the fall of the Great Firewall of China.”I believe that ultimately censorship fails,” Schmidt said in an interview last week with Foreign Policy magazine. “China’s the only government that’s engaged in active, dynamic censorship. They’re not shy about it.”

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