Environmental .ECO Opens For Sunrise Registrations

dotECO_logoThe .eco new gTLD has opened its Sunrise registration period for trademark holders. The gTLD is aimed at those committed to positive change for the planet. The Sunrise period closes on 2 April.

The Sunrise period is for trademark holders registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse to reserve their marks prior to general availability.

“Before the public launch of .eco on April 25, we’re inviting trademark holders to secure their .eco domain names through priority registration for their trademarks,” said Trevor Bowden, co-founder of .eco.

The .eco domain is available to companies, governments, non-profits and individuals committed to positive change for the planet. The new domain name ending is a trusted symbol for those working toward a sustainable future.

“We are thrilled to be part of .eco,” said Sid Das, Digital Director at WWF International, a .eco supporter. “It’s great to see this domain will be maintained by a community that is passionate about the environment.”

After trademark priority registration ends on 2 April, the .eco generic top level domain will open a seven-day early access program beginning 18 April, followed by general availability on 25 April, 2017.