English schools urged to use police in crackdown on cyberbullying

Ministers are urging schools to involve police in the most serious cases of cyberbullying of pupils and staff in a new crackdown on the “unaccceptable” and “insidious” use of new technology.They say some instances might break criminal or civil law protecting people from threatening communications and could lead to Asbos. Police intervention, along with that of mobile phone and web companies, might be needed to track the digital footprint of perpetrators.
http://politics.guardian.co.uk/publicservices/story/0,,2173988,00.htmlAlso see:

Fight cyber bullies, schools English told

Schools are being given guidance urging them to take firm action against pupils who use mobile phones and the internet to bully other children and teachers.

Cyber-bullying: laugh and you’ll be considered guilty

Children who think it is harmless fun to pass on digital images or messages designed to humiliate another child or a teacher are being targeted in a campaign to stamp out cyber-bullying.From today, children contacting friends through the internet forums MySpace, Bebo, MSN instant messaging or Yahoo will be faced with a pop-up advertisements showing examples of text message and cyberspace abuse and bullying. They will carry the message: “Laugh at it and you’re part of it”.

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