Energising the Canadian ccTLD

The current state of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the not-for-profit corporation that manages the dot-ca domain space, is looked at by Professor Michael Geist in this report in The Toronto Star.With its annual general meeting this week, Geist looks at the reasons for the organisation’s decline in discussions on the internet in Canada. In CIRA’s early years, “engaging Canadians was viewed as a top priority” says Geist and there was an active campaign to gain their interest.Today, he writes, CIRA has been largely absent from public policy discussions while the biggest failure has been how Canada “has fallen behind other country-code domain names in allocating resources toward Internet public interest initiatives.”He gives examples of Nominet in the UK, along with the Austrian, Australian, Dutch, Italian, French, Rwandan and Congolese ccTLD managers, who have all given significant support to initiatives aimed at furthering the use of domain names and/or the internet in the respective countries.Geist believes CIRA needs to follow some of these initiatives to further its public policy role.To read Professor Geist’s article in The Toronto Star in full, see: www.thestar.com/news/article/698457To register your .CA domain name, check out EuroDNS here.
To register your .CA domain name, check out America Registry here.

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