Elusive European cyber-attackers to face five years’ jail

As the EU comes close to an agreement on punishing cyber criminals, with a minimum sentence of up to five years, security experts argue that trying to convict criminals who cannot be caught in the first place is a waste of time.The EU’s justice ministers will this morning (10 June) agree to draft rules which define cyber crimes and minimum sentences for the worst offenders.
http://www.euractiv.com/en/infosociety/elusive-cyber-attackers-face-years-jail-news-505521Also see:EU nations give nod to tougher cybercrime jail terms
European countries have agreed to tougher penalties for cybercrimes, including new punishments for botnet creators, in an effort to clamp down on massive attacks.The new rules are part of a European Commission proposal, adopted by the Council of Europe on Friday, which now goes to the European Parliament for approval. It aims to update existing EU rules on cybercrime, introduced in 2005, which cover interference with data and systems, and illegal access.

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