Editorial – Battle of the Behemoths: Google and Microsoft

There is a kind of bloodthirsty thrill in learning that Google plans to develop a personal computer operating system to compete with Microsoft Windows.We like competition, especially in a market that Microsoft has so thoroughly dominated since the dawn of the PC. What makes this battle all the more interesting is both the scale of the companies involved and the extraordinary differences in their ways of going about business. For all its size — and its occasional arrogance — Google still retains a willingness to experiment and risk failure in many directions at once. Microsoft, on the other hand, is unbelievably tenacious and holds an almost insuperable lead in market share.
http://nytimes.com/2009/07/09/opinion/09thur4.htmlAlso seeGoogle OS created over Schmidt’s objection
Eric Schmidt resisted the development of Google’s computer operating system — what later would be named the Chrome OS — for the first six years after he joined the company as chief executive in 2001.”They’ve wanted to do this project since founding the company,” Mr Schmidt said of Google’s co-founders. “At the time Google was a small company. After coming through the bruising browser wars, I did not want us to go through them again.”

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