EC’s Kroes lashes out at U.S. official over Microsoft

The European Union competition commissioner lashed out Wednesday at a top U.S. Justice Department official who criticized an antitrust ruling against Microsoft.”It is totally unacceptable that a representative of the U.S. administration criticized an independent court of law outside its jurisdiction,” the commissioner, Neelie Kroes, said. “The European Commission does not pass judgment on rulings by U.S. courts, and we expect the same degree of respect.”Thomas Barnett, the Justice Department’s top antitrust lawyer, said late Monday that the United States had a particular interest in the decision by the Court of First Instance and was concerned that the legal standard it set had “the unfortunate consequence of harming consumers by chilling innovation and discouraging competition.” see:

EU commissioner slams DOJ reaction to Microsoft antitrust ruling

Commissioner calls ‘totally unacceptable’ the DOJ’s warning that the EU ruling could harm consumers by discouraging innovation and competition

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