.eco Off and Running In First Weeks

dotECO_logoThe .eco new gTLD has been in General Availability for 2 weeks now and according to a post on the .eco website there were 1,200 domain names sold as of 10 May. However nTLDstats.com is only showing around 500 registrations.

However using the .eco numbers, they claim to have sold domain names to companies, non-profits and people in over 50 countries since 25 April.

The .eco new generic top level domain is a little different when it comes to registering a domain name. Registrants, whether they be businesses, non-profits or individuals, are required to set up a profile showing their environmental commitment. The profiles are much like setting up a social media profile, and while some of the profiles are pretty bare, over a third (35%) have started the process and activated their domain names. The registry has also found 60% of .eco profiles are for businesses and 20% for non-profits.

.eco has launched with the support of some high profile leading global brands like Tesla, Google and LG have bought .eco domain names, taken the .eco pledge and set up .eco profiles.

Other early adopters already using .eco domain names ahead of the global launch include:

  • Koala, a natural cleaning products company, rebranded to Koala.eco.
  • Sea Semester, an off-campus environmental studies program, created a landing page for their environmental study initiative at StudyAbroad.eco.
  • Greenpeace Argentina is using Oceanos.eco as a short, memorable URL to drive attention to a petition from social media and advertising.
  • Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union, is using Vancity.eco as a shortcut to their sustainability section of their website.
  • Producers of River Blue, a documentary about the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, are using RiverBlueTheMovie.eco as their home online.