eBay’s small sellers rebel

Every year, thousands of people from around the world descend on an American city to spend the weekend discussing everything from bubble wrap to counterfeit goods and the Russian mafia at eBay Live, the online auction giant’s annual jamboree.The get-together has always been a fun affair, with silly hats and jokey T-shirts, but there was never any disguising that eBay is a serious business. With 233m customers worldwide, the world’s largest online retailer sold $60 billion (£30 billion) of goods last year.A car gets sold on eBay every minute, a music player every 16 seconds. Thousands make a full-time living buying and selling on eBay – African villagers are sending their children to school on money they make by selling goods on the site. By any measure, eBay is one of the great successes of the internet age. So why were these people booing?

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