eBay in worldwide ban on sale of ivory to save endangered elephants

A worldwide ban on the sale of ivory was announced today by the internet shopping site eBay after campaigns by wildlife conservation groups to save endangered elephants from extinction.From January 1 next year, only “antique” items which contain a small amount of ivory and date from before 1900, will be allowed for sale on the firm’s global market place.
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article4985387.eceOne paw up: A mixed report in bid to end Net traffic of protected species
One small step for animals, one giant step for animal kind?Maybe.The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is celebrating a decision by eBay to issue a global ban on the sale of elephant ivory products by January 1, 2009.Coincidentally or not, eBay issued its report Monday, one day before the IFAW issued its report detailing the illegal trade in endangered species over the Internet. Nichola Sharpe, a spokeswoman for eBay, said the company had just seen a copy of the report and did not have immediate comment. But she added that eBay planned to implement a variety of “filters and different algorithms” in a bid to eradicate ivory trade among its users. She did not get more specific.
http://news.cnet.com/8301-10787_3-10071623-60.htmlEBay to ban sales of ivory goods
EBay has announced a worldwide ban on the sale of ivory products on its auction websites from next year.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7681903.stmeBay’s Ivory Ban: Why It Happened and What It Means
A newly expanded ivory ban on eBay highlights the challenge of running a global marketplace while complying with local laws. eBay has decided to stop all sales of ivory products on its auction site, the company announced this week, following concerns over endangered elephant species often targeted for their ivory tusks and teeth.

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