eBay Boots Digital Goods Off Auction Block – Domain Names Included?

Could domain names be booted off eBay? This is a question that is not totally answered following eBay’s recent decision to stop the sale of digital goods on the auction site according to a recent article in the E-Commerce Guide.The Ecommerce Guide article begins:
Sales of digital goods on eBay is contributing to feedback manipulation — both real and perceived — according to Brian Burke, director of global feedback policy, so eBay is changing the way merchants process these transactions. To thwart any attempts to boost ones own feedback through the sale of digital goods, as of March 31 all goods that can be digitally downloaded or transferred electronically must be listed using eBay’s Classified Ads format.The article goes on to say:
EBay has not provided specific examples of items that are affected by the new policy, but it’s safe to assume that it covers all items delivered through Internet downloads or by e-mail. This includes goods such as e-books, graphics and digital photos, software, domain names, Web site templates, Web hosting and many other types of goods that are sold on eBay in digital format.So one would assume that domain names are classified as digital goods. I will let you know more information when we become aware of it.To read the full article in ECommece Guide, see www.ecommerce-guide.com/essentials/ebay/article.php/3736441.

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