Early Access Period for .PAGE Commences October

Google is launching the Early Access Period, a form of a Landrush period, from 2 October for their latest new gTLD, .page. Over the EAP, prices will gradually get lower each day until Tier 5, which is the lowest price tier and which runs for 3 days. General Availability will commence on 9 October at the standard fee.

The 5 different price tiers in .page’s EAP, start with the highest tier and decrease each day as follows:

  • 2018-10-02 16:00 UTC — Tier 1 begins (highest price tier)
  • 2018-10-03 16:00 UTC — Tier 2 begins
  • 2018-10-04 16:00 UTC — Tier 3 begins
  • 2018-10-05 16:00 UTC — Tier 4 begins
  • 2018-10-06 16:00 UTC — Tier 5 begins (lowest price tier, lasts 3 days)
  • 2018-10-09 16:00 UTC — GA begins (no more additional one-time fee).

In addition to EAP, where prices vary depending on the registrar, there are also premium domains. These domains have higher prices that are independent of EAP. These premium prices apply to renewals as well as initial registrations, and also apply in GA.

Currently the Sunrise period for trademark holders is underway for .page, which has been running since 27 August and finishes on 2 October.

The .page new generic top level domain is Google’s fifth open TLD. Google is promoting it as an easy option for building a simple, more secure online presence. .page is for anyone who wants to create a new website online, including entrepreneurs, publishers, developers, businesses and students.