E.U.’s New Digital Czar: ‘Most Powerful Regulator of Big Tech on the Planet’

For five years, Margrethe Vestager was the scourge of Silicon Valley, levying billions of dollars in fines and initiating investigations against Google, Apple and Facebook for violating antitrust laws and harming consumers.

As the European Union’s competition commissioner, she and her army of lawyers became heroes to many critics of Big Tech, even as they were loathed in some corporate offices and in the White House.

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E.U. Leadership Shake Up: The Most Consequential, and Controversial, Things to Know
A major leap in the European Union’s digital policy and a new defense department will be two of the bloc’s top priorities for the next five years, as the new leadership and organization of its 32,000-strong executive arm was unveiled on Tuesday.

Margrethe Vestager will be Europe’s queen of digital. Opposed by big tech companies, especially in the United States, for opening battle lines against firms Google, Facebook and others, Margrethe Vestager has been a political and punchy European commissioner for competition for the past five years.

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