DVD industry in crisis as sales slump as on-demand viewing and the digital games revolution take their toll on DVD and Blu-ray

Spare a thought this Christmas for James Bond, kicking his heels at MI6 and getting under M’s feet. Daniel Craig was forced to holster his Walther PPK when Bond 23 was put on hold following the bankruptcy of MGM, under a mountain of debt. The studio’s woes were in considerable part the fallout from a phenomenon that threatens not just Hollywood blockbusters but the continuing supply of high-end, home-produced drama and comedy: a sales slump, which may prove terminal, in the once all-conquering DVD home entertainment market.The DVD, the fastest-adopted electronic consumer product at its commercial introduction in 1998, became the film studios’ biggest cash generator, funding a screen production boom. The industry generated $14bn (£9bn) by 2004, with more than 250m discs sold each year in the UK. Broadcasters shared in the windfall as living room shelves groaned under the weight of multimillion pound-selling TV box sets of The Sopranos, The Wire and The Office. Your DVD collection revealed as much about your personality as those neglected vinyl LPs, left to moulder in the attic, once did.

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