DVD copier by RealNetworks is sure to ire Hollywood

People have been avidly feeding music CDs into their computers for years, ripping digital copies of albums and transferring the files to their other computers and mobile devices.This has not happened nearly as much with DVDs, for both practical and legal reasons. But that may soon change.
http://iht.com/articles/2008/09/07/technology/dvd.phpVideo Piracy–Without The Piracy
If the advent of streaming video and direct downloads hadn’t already signaled the impending death of video disc sales, add another nail to the DVD distributor’s coffin: a technology that lets anyone copy any DVD–and seems to be perfectly legal.Real Networks, the maker of the free online media player Real Player, on Monday announced a new program it calls Real DVD, designed to let users legally “rip” a DVD’s contents to their computers. The program, which will cost around $50 and becomes public later this month in a $30 trial version, allows any DVD’s contents to be pulled from a physical disc to an iTunes-like library on a user’s hard drive; the process takes between 10 and 30 minutes.

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