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Dutch Government and SIDN Renew Covenant on .NL

SIDN logoThe Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and SIDN have renewed the covenant originally signed seven years ago. The covenant reaffirms the signatories’ shared commitment to assuring the reliability and availability of the .nl domain.

The reliability of the .nl domain is a matter of great importance

With more than 5.5 million registered .nl domain names, the reliability of the .nl domain is a matter of great social and economic importance. Both the ministry and SIDN therefore attach high priority to ensuring that the .nl domain remains available and reachable at all times for the Dutch public and Dutch business.

Accordingly, the covenant confirms that the .nl domain is to retain its association with the Netherlands. In the event of an emergency or crisis that threatens the availability of the .nl domain, the ministry will where possible provide SIDN with support. To facilitate the maintenance of good working relations, SIDN and the ministry are to continue meeting on a regular basis. Like the original covenant, the renewed agreement is effective for seven years.

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