Dutch judge threatens fines for Mininova filesharing website

[AFP] Filesharing website Mininova must remove its links to copyrighted items within three months or risk a fine of up to €5 million (US$7 million), a Dutch court ruled on Wednesday.Dutch-based Mininova, which claims to be “the largest torrent search engine and directory on the net”, acted unlawfully by allowing users to exchange films, games, music and television series, said the district court in Utrecht in the central Netherlands.
news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-technology/dutch-judge-threatens-fines-for-filesharing-website-20090827-ezw9.htmlAlso see:Dutch court: Web site must remove copyright works [AP]
A civil court on Wednesday ordered Dutch Web site Mininova to remove within three months all files on its servers that point to copyrighted works or face a fine of up to €5 million ($7.16 million).Mininova rivals Sweden’s The Pirate Bay as the largest index of BitTorrent files, software that can be used to trade movies, music and computer games.

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