dotMobi to give away city domain names, but there’s a catch!

DotMobi have announced they are giving away .mobi city domain names, but, there’s a catch – registrants must spend €2,000 per year to promote the site and domain name. There are 650 domain names available in this promotion.DotMobi claim there have been around 600,000 domain names registered, although The Register notes that back in May, when around 500,000 were claimed to be registered, that there were a large number registered in Russia.TechNewsReview wonders whether dotMobi may have some future problems. While I don’t see the fuss about the iPhone, it does have an ability to resize web pages to fit on the handset’s screen. No doubt, if this is successful, other phones will soon have this feature, and then, what would be the point of a dotMobi domain name?Also see:,1000000097,39287952,00.htm

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