dotMobi auction points to directions in online mobile entertainment

DotMobi are especially pleased with their recent auction of dotMobi names with a record-breaking auction that generated approximately US$2.3 million in domain name sales.100 domain names were made available through Sedo Of these, 95 were sold. The highest sale was for, selling for $616,000 and for $401,500 – both surpassing former “price leader”, which sold for $200,000 in 2006.The auction attracted bidders from more than 25 countries. Other notable sales were (sold for $101,000), ($82,000), ($61,000), ($61,000), ($51,000), ($51,000) and ($51,000).The high prices for domain names relating to music and other forms of entertainment owe much to the belief, with a lot of justification, that music and entertainment downloaded onto mobile devices is going to be a huge earner for the music industry in years to come.”I’m pleased — but not entirely surprised — that the .mobi domains in this auction did so well,” said Trey Harvin, dotMobi’s CEO. “Games and music are becoming two of the ‘killer apps’ for the mobile web. Content providers know it’s important that their customers can find content at sites that are guaranteed to work on the billions of web-enabled mobile phones around the world, which is the promise of sites built on the .mobi domain.””In the coming year, we will release names that will be ideal for business verticals like the travel, entertainment and adult industries. The excitement around the mobile possibilities for those industries is sure to generate strong interest,” Harvin said.Tim Schumacher, CEO of Sedo, said, “This auction proved to be so popular that Sedo experienced a rare event: traffic load issues. In accordance with our terms and conditions, we extended the auction for an additional three hours to ensure everyone had a fair chance to place bids. This auction again shows that the .mobi domain has engaged everyone’s interest in the possibilities of the mobile web.”

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