dotHIV Initiative Aiming To Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness

The age of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) is almost here with ICANN’s three month application window beginning on 12 January. Most applications are expected to be from cities, regions and brand names, while general interests are also expected to make up a number of applications. But there is one unique proposal for a red ribbon for the digital era, a .HIV gTLD.The proposal is not being viewed as a typical gTLD, rather to be used as a communication tool, where companies would use their .HIV domain for promotional activities and would either forward traffic to their usual website or use it for special promotions, such as on World Aids Day. And funds raised would go to the global fight against HIV/AIDS.It is envisaged that each visit on an .HIV website would be rewarded by a small donation towards HIV/AIDS causes. This money is taken from the collected registration fees which the registry saves up for that purpose. Other forms of revenue for the fundraising would come from domain name registration as well as encouraging internet users to contribute.Funds raised would go towards supporting smaller projects around the globe that have problems gaining funding using the infrastructure to distribute funds.The intial idea for dotHIV was born during a cooperation between Michael Stich, the former champion tennis player from Germany, and the creative agency kempertrautmann. Michael Stich has founded a foundation to assist children that are HIV positive already back in 1994. In 2010, kempertrautmann became involved running a pro HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. At this time, the creative team at kempertrautmann came up with the idea of a .HIV Top Level Domain.But now, the dotHIV Initiative needs to raise awareness and funds. So they have commenced a worldwide crowd-funding campaign at in conjunction with and to raise $150,000 in four weeks.Donations get rewards, everything from a $10 donation, which gets you mentioned on their website forever more, $150 gets you a voucher for a free .HIV domain, $500 gets you a little “.HIV Person” painted by Marita Locmele while $1000 gets you a print of a square designed by the members of the creative platform, your own .HIV domain and a little .HIV person on the wall of the office.If successful, the dotHIV Initiative could create a new way of fundraising for causes, especially on a global scale.For more information, check out or!