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DotGreen Advises ICANN What To Do With New gTLD Auction Money

ICANN New TLDs logoWhat to do with the proceeds of money raised through auctions of new generic Top Level Domain strings that are in contention is the main topic of a letter from Annalisa Roger, Founder and CEO of DotGreen Community and applicant for the .green gTLD, to ICANN.

Roger offers what she considers “a very simple idea that supports the concept of new gTLDs as new ‘communities of users’ and ICANN’s mandated outcomes for Global Public Benefit.”

Roger suggests “any new gTLD string that is focused on the world’s environment (i.e. .GREEN, .ECO, etc.) should have the ICANN auction proceeds directed toward a global non-profit entity already in place that is currently funding the social, environmental and economic aspects of green and sustainability projects which benefit all people. This keeps the money raised for environmental purposes within the very community that is targeted and meant to benefit from an environmental TLD being launched.” Roger goes on to say that “these auction proceeds representative of environmental action will help fund new global initiatives which will naturally lead to Global Public Benefit and the likely success of an environmentally-focused TLD as well as positive awareness in general for all new gTLDs coming live online as a result of ICANN’s new gTLD programme.”

The full letter is available at: